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The gift of nature


DieSha Noni Jin Guoqiong pulp

【Origin】 Indonesia
【Specification】 750ml * 2 bottles / set | 1 box with 5 sets of 10 bottles
【Ingredients】 pure brewing Noni gold fruit enzymes, pure Noni pulp, wild blueberry, grape puree
【Product type】 pulp type enzyme
【Product Standard】 DB31 / 207-2000
Suggested consumption daily 120-180ml / 2 times | 6000ml of each course

DieSha nobilis is the fruit pulp type enzymes, is the use of the original from the South Pacific Islands Noni gold fruit as the main raw material, respectively, by pure wine noni Laminin, pure Noni pulp, wild blueberry, imported Made with grape puree. 100% of the original juice does not add any chemicals, food additives, flavoring agents, preservatives, fermentation process without sugar, without yeast. Created a [DieSha 100% original noni Jinjinqiong pulp] unique taste and Noni, blueberries, grapes, the original fruity flavor, so you have a drink and want to drink the feeling. - No spending restrictions, the elderly, pregnant women, children can rest assured long-term drinking.

• Nourrito fruit rich in 275 nutrients and 16 types of glycosides, supplemented by the highest quality natural plant extracts in the world, is nutritious and delicious.
• Noni fruit, the precious fruit of the last paradise on Earth, 5 ° S, latitude 5 ° north latitude of the equator, brings together the wisdom of thousands of years of health not only to bring us rich nutrients but also to be precious Valuable glycosides.
• DieSha Non-alcoholic fruit gel provides balanced nutrition, bringing us triple protection, build immune defense wall.

  • Liquid gold

    Really come from the original,
    pure, pollution-free islands
    The world's high-quality luxury
    gold-like drinks

  • Latitude 5° north latitude 10°

    DieSha International Base
    Noni fruit wild original origin
    of the most primitive

  • NoniGingo

    Create the world's first
    100% pure brewing Noni

  • Traditional brewing

    Follow nature back to nature

  • Enjoy privilege

    VIP customers enjoy "Butterfly
    International" distinguished service

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