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Let the world beautiful value spread forever! Let more people stay away from pain and suffering!

Captain James Cook and his crew discovered the sea fairyland in Tahiti and document the wide range of local uses of noni fruit.

J. L. Simonsen analyzed a number of biochemical components of Noni fruit (during the World War II, the United States also conducted research on Noni fruit and published the findings in the American Manual of Survival).

Ralph Heinicke, an Ralph Heinicke, discovered an alkaloid in bromelain and named it Proxeronine, also known as "drought enzyme."

Ralph Heinicke proposed the theory of human health of "the Xeronine System".

A team led by Dr. John Heinerman of John Hellerman completed a census of GINGO (Morpho) in the world's Morinda Citrifolia species and found that the new bioactive TAUREGEN, which is surprisingly good for the human body, Helping the human body is far more effective than the previously announced Ceronin 42%, so to determine GINGO (gold fruit) drinking effect is more significant.

Dr. Robin Hainik topped the 2000 list of the world's twentieth century.

Butterfly International after years of various types of Noni a large number of tests and observations found that only the selection of high quality GINGO (gold fruit), the use of unique traditional brewing process in order to GINGO (gold fruit) to play out the effect of production High-quality gold fruit drinks.

2007 was included in the "United States Pharmacopoeia" or "doctor's guide on the table."

2010 was announced by the Ministry of Health as a new resource food.

2014 was written "South medicine and large South medicine" called "Haji halberd."

NoniGingo NoniGingo

Due to fate, destined encounter
In 2003, by chance, she met Noni and got curious about its magical effect. So she got intimately acquainted with the mystery of Noni at the invitation of her friend. The introduction of Noni's product sales from the United States created the miracle of Noni sales in a very short period of time. As a result, it soon ceased under various factors and continued to focus on its own growth and career preparation.

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Let the world beautiful value forever spread

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DieSha International - founded in 2006, set the life sciences research, biotechnology, investment management, international trade, health industry, beautiful industry, assembly and integration as one of the smart group.
      Die Sha's global mission is to "Make the Good Values of the World Come True," because we deeply hope that every life-loving person in the world can stay away from the pain and suffering! At the same time, we also share the opportunity to become successful and embrace dreams with an entrepreneurial spirit of fairness, honesty and integrity.
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    ◆ DieSha International is a professional brand operations as the center of gravity to win the winning multinational enterprises
    ◆ DieSha International is China Beauty Cosmetics store and high-end anti-aging health club quality brand suppliers
    ◆ DieSha International is the earliest imported noni NONI Chinese enterprises, with professional research and international marketing team

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