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DieSha NoniGinog NoniGinog brand agent / joining conditions

First, the agent conditions
    1, with legal personality, law-abiding, good professional ethics.
    2, abundant funds, contract, keeping promises. Keen on health and beauty career development.
    3, with industry experience for more than 1 year, with a certain degree of team leadership and management capabilities, market organization and planning capabilities.
    4, Deputy Butterfly Sassari non-gold brand after its brand team of not less than 5 people.
    5, a good reputation, market network, service quality and good business model.
    6, mature network resources, its distributors not less than 30.
Second, joining conditions
    1, with a certain operational ideas, it is best to know the industry or are familiar with the industry.
    2, adequate funding, credit, good morality.
    3, the shop Butterfly Hills brand display area of not less than 10 square feet;
4, with good social activities, outdoor activities and are willing to promote Butterfly brand.

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