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DieSha NoniGingo NoniGingo 100% of the original eco-pure noni health leadership brand CCTV advertising strategic partner
Promote the rapid development of the world Noni NONI industry for the benefit of the public.
Noni blowout from the market edge Europe and the United States, is now sweeping Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States, billions of business opportunities show blowout trend.
International brand DieSha NoniGingo brand, founded in 2006, after 10 years of word of mouth, has world-renowned.
Top 100 Enterprises DieSha International is a well-known health beverage business in China.
Good Products DieSha Noni Gingko NoniGingo is a classic follow pure natural fermentation fermentation technology.
Hundreds of millions of ads in recent years to ensure annual advertising, news speculation more than several hundred million dollars.
Ten billion strategy to become the world's leading brand NONI health regimen!
                5-10 years product sales exceeded 10 billion mark!
"DieSha Sapporo NoniGingo" product promotion using the delineation of the region, the product is run by a single business, make full use of local partners more widely
And a complete sales network enable "NoniGingo" to enter the target market more rapidly, deeply and accurately, and rapidly expand market coverage.
Merchants: "DieSha Noni NoniGingo" domestic sales of blank provinces and cities \ City investment.
Investment Project: "DieSha Samantha NoniGingo" brand series star products
Investment units: DieSha DieSha Shanghai Biological Technology Co., Ltd.
Merchants form: provincial agency, municipal distribution, regional join
      Investment channels: health management / beauty regimen / private clubs
8 reasons to choose NoniGingo brand business Betrayal NoniGingo
  1. No need to expand guest locker - DieSha Gargoyle NoniGingo customers automatically word of mouth!
  2. Needless to say the effect - Nearly 200 million Noni drinkers worldwide - by everyone's favorite!
  3. No need to backlog of inventory - how many products in short supply are not enough to sell - payment booking and other goods!
  4. Without large investment - DieSha Sha 360 ° "three track win sales" wealth system → experience-agent cooperation!
  5. No cumbersome service - "three-step" - drink → DieSha NoniGingo → drink water!
  6. Unlimited space for development - trillion market opportunities + international star products + strict regional market protection!
  7. Money Cheng worry-free operation - no spending limit + 100% exchange system = master the fifth wave of wealth!
  8. DieSha support system - DieSha Samantha Noni Gingo Tasting \ party + a card consumption = DieSha Business School!

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