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Create a healthy and beautiful industry in China pilot-type practitioner No1

DieSha International - founded in 2006, set the life sciences research, biotechnology, investment management, international trade, health industry, beautiful industry, assembly and integration as one of the intelligent group company.

  DieSha's global mission is to "Make the Good Values of the World Come True," because we deeply hope that every life-loving person in the world can stay away from the pain and suffering! At the same time, we also share the opportunity to become successful and embrace dreams with the spirit of fairness, integrity and integrity.

   ◆DieSha International is (Deshamerica - excellent product marketing service provider) from the transformation

   ◆DieSha International is focused on professional brand operations to win the winning multinationals

   ◆DieSha International is a premium brand supplier of beauty cosmetics stores and high-end anti-aging health clubs in China

   ◆DieSha International is the earliest Chinese company to import Noni NONI with professional research and international marketing team

   ◆DieSha International is 100% original eco-pure Noni NONI leading brand sellers, known as [Noni messenger]

   ◆DieSha International is [Global high-quality Noni NONI raw materials OEM \ ODM suppliers, large supply of Noni series products]

   ◆DieSha International has 10 Noni picking bases and processing plants in the South Pacific Islands. Soil is generated from volcanic ash, fertile soil, do not use chemical fertilizers and pesticides, wild-type cultivation methods to ensure non-toxic ingredients Noni raw materials.


    ***Prospects DIESHA Diesha company integrated hundreds of international marketing experts focus to promote the top international star products, combined with the 21st century new business model based in China, global marketing, so Butterfly Sha DIESHA company is growing at an alarming rate, Butterfly Shashi understand the future of the world The ultimate and largest market is the Asian Chinese market, so the company is a new international conglomerate that has started its business with the Asian Chinese market and then expanded globally.

  • Liquid gold

    Really come from the original,
    pure, pollution-free islands
    The world's high-quality luxury
    gold-like drinks

  • Latitude 5° north latitude 10°

    DieSha International Base
    Noni fruit wild original origin
    of the most primitive

  • NoniGingo

    Create the world's first
    100% pure brewing Noni

  • Traditional brewing

    Follow nature back to nature

  • Enjoy privilege

    VIP customers enjoy "Butterfly
    International" distinguished service

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