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Real story of DieSha NoniGingo

TAHUA (Ta Wu) story

    The Tahitian islands, also known as "Tahiti", which lasted far in the southern tip of the Pacific Ocean for more than 2,000 years, are known to local witch doctors as TAHUA when they are sick; Heal diseases. Even without modern medical science and technology, the local ethnic groups are still healthy reproduction of 2000 years.

Great changes in civilization

   The European colonial power entered the untapped land in 1910 and was also brought into Western medicine. Due to the traditional concept, the local islanders still rely only on TAHUA for their treatment and are unwilling to accept Western medicine. Eventually angered the European medical community who, by law, brutally arrested and imprisoned all Tahua in Tahiti for more than 20 years. Their purpose is not only for economic benefits, but also for cutting off the traditional herbal medicine that they consider outdated. 1918 Tahiti TAHUA (TUA) leader named TIURAI (TUI Rui) tortured in prison before his death, the mouth of the scientific name [MORINDA CITRIFOLIA] tree species, told this is their ancestors handed down the most Precious treasure of life, it is handed down from generation to generation has been used.

Twentieth Century swept the world  


From 1989, the research team led by Dr. John Helemen of John Heinerman completed the census of the best GINGO <golden fruit> among the MORINDA CITRIFOLIA species in the world, and from October 1991 onwards in the South Pacific Islands - PAPEET, the French province of Tahiti in French Polynesia, began selling MORINDA CITRIFOLIA ingredients and formulations around the world in just a few short years, but it has swept over 40 countries around the world. During this period, Noni fruit has also gradually been the world's attention, processed by noni fruit first generation of juice and the second generation of fruit juice Noni products have begun to enter the world's vision.

21st Century Fortune fifth wave of open DieSha NoniGingo era

  DieSha International focus on the health and beauty of the industrial chain, with a professional R & D team, adhering to the "goodwill and love management, moral and conscience production" concept, and no lack of adventurous spirit. After years of extensive research and observation on all types of Noni in the world, it is found that only the selected Noni fruit originated from AAA grade high quality Noni GINGO (gold fruit) along the equator between 5 ° north latitude and 10 ° south latitude, The traditional brewing process, in order to GINGO (gold fruit) to maximize the effect, to produce high-quality GINGO (gold fruit) drinks. The third generation NoniGingo formula successfully developed by Butterfly International in 2006 started to be sold globally. As a result, Butterfly Noni Jinming NoniGingo brand opened a new development milestone.


    Because DieSha founder DIESHA truly comprehend the essence of Noni NONI, in the hard work made some achievements. A few years has rapidly swept the Asian market, known as China's "Noni messenger." Butterfly Shao International with a Noni fruit in the world health and beauty industry has achieved some success.

     The future of our products will be to enter every Chinese family table.DieSha DIESHA company's global mission is to [let the world a better value forever spread! 】 Because we deeply look forward to every life-loving person in the world, we can avoid pain and suffering by drinking NoniGingo! At the same time, we also share the opportunity to become successful and embrace dreams with the spirit of "fair, honest and honest" entrepreneurs.

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