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Welcome to join the people of insight!

 Butterfly International - founded in 2006, set the life sciences research, biotechnology, investment management, international trade, health industry, beautiful industry, assembly and integration as one of the intelligent group company.

Marketing Director: 2
Requirements: honest people, innovative market development and marketing management team ability. Must have relevant working experience for more than 2 years.
Trainer: 10
Requirements: good image quality, good skin, height 1.55 meters or more, cheerful, serious and responsible work, positive and optimistic attitude, ambitious in the development of large health industry, with relevant sales experience is preferred.
Sales elite: 100 (both can be)
Requirements: Good image, positive attitude, cheerful personality, strong sense of responsibility, good at learning growth, dare to challenge themselves, the future want to work in the field of sales who have relevant sales experience is preferred.
Conference Director: 2
Requirements: good image and strong, strong communication and coordination capabilities, can organize a variety of meetings planning and coordination of end-customers and after-sales team with.
Trainer: 5 (both can be)
Requirements: good image and strong communication and coordination skills, able to independently training in nutrition and health knowledge, health seminars held large-scale meetings, training end-customers and training after-sales team. Related beauty care, Chinese medicine more than two years experience is preferred.
  Butterfly sand sincerely invited: like-minded people, committed to open up Butterfly International provinces, branches, agents of the elite talent to join.
  Butterfly application conditions: Must have some market development ability, familiar with the local market conditions, the courage to challenge themselves.
      If you are a real warrior? Want a vast space for development? Have the courage to pay, sincere, pragmatic, please join Butterfly International.
   Butterfly International】 【is really the development platform to give talented people, there is no employee only shareholders and partners!
        If you need real opportunities, please take good care not to miss the opportunity again!

        Candidates please vote directly to the company email:189283005@qq.com

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