Cocoon into a butterfly



Every day we grow in transformation


Due to fate, destined encounter

In 2003, by chance, she met Noni and got curious about its magical effect. So she got intimately acquainted with the mystery of Noni at the invitation of her friend. The introduction of Noni's product sales from the United States created the miracle of Noni sales in a very short period of time. As a result, it soon ceased under various factors and continued to focus on its own growth and career preparation.


The passage of time, once again become attached Noni

In 2005, at a friend dinner party, a friend once again mentioned the benefits of Noni on the human body, actually many people do not understand Noni, then share their own unique views on Noni. The friend suddenly see hope, and finally find someone who can understand Noni, so under his persuasion, in-depth study, a careful analysis of after a period of devoted research, once again become attached to Noni, decided to treat it as their own Lifelong career partner.


Cocoon into a butterfly Charm butterfly Sha

In 2006, Betrach International conducted a large number of tests and observations on various types of Noni for several years and found that only GINGO (golden fruit) of high quality is selected and the unique traditional brewing process can make the effect of GINGO Ultimate, to produce high-quality GINGO (gold fruit) drinks, self-developed by Butterfly International third-generation enzyme-based gold fruit formula, so quickly swept the Asian market, known as China's "Noni messenger."


From the Polynesian Islands to Indonesia

After contact with Noni, they will be indissoluble bound. From the previous Polynesian Tahitian Noni to Noni fruit produced by tropical islands around the world, repeated comparison, actual investigation and analysis, finally learned that the Indonesian archipelago is the origin of Noni, and after three studies Analysis and comparison Noni fruit doctoral and master's thesis confirms my point of view, from the conclusion of the paper agreed that "Noni fruit in Indonesia is the best in the field of investigation and analysis," Butterfly International chose to set up production bases in Indonesia Islands, after 10 years of hard work, completed the contract from the base to mergers and acquisitions plan.


Plant paradise, native to Noni - [5 ° N, 10 ° N, along the e

The equator runs through the entire Indonesian archipelago, where there is no spring, summer, autumn, winter and 365 days a year, and the high temperatures and high humidities create a paradise for plants, where we deeply appreciate the magical, hot and humid environment Although most suitable for plant growth, it is also a hotbed for the growth of malaria bacteria, so God has arranged Noni fruit, a non-germicidal and non-nourishing fungus, to balance the ecology in this area, which is similar to the growth in the cold Northeast Changbai Mountain Ginseng truth is the same. For more than 2000 years, the local indigenous people came to rely on the magic of Noni fruit to produce their children and grandchildren. Before World War II, there was a backward area where there was no medicine or hospital. Local residents treated Noni as Elixir, the older generation Of residents will bring their own noni enzyme, whether internal medicine, surgery, children are relying on this noni fruit to fight

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