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 First, how long can the disease recover? People often have a common problem, that is, "usually do not burn incense, embrace." For health, it is "usually not health care, emergency care," but knowing painful, why usually do not pay attention to health?
   Since the pain has taken place, how long will it take to heal it? The time of recovery is closely related to the metabolism time of the human body. Metabolism means that there are life and death, life and death, that is, the phenomenon of life, so that everything in the universe can survive and continue.
   The human body is a small universe. The most basic substance that makes up the human body is the cell. The cell produces the phenomenon of life due to the atoms and molecules. Therefore, the cell constantly absorbs nutrients in the phenomenon of life and constantly removes the waste or toxin. Called metabolism, metabolism is also a phenomenon of replacing the old. Nature has its own laws of nature, and the human body has its own laws of nature. Now let's take a look at the schedule of human metabolism:
      1. Skin - Metabolism Time: Twenty-eight days 2. Muscle - Metabolism Duration: Two to three years
      3. tendons - metabolic time: three to five years 4. Bone - Metabolic time: need more than seven years
    The metabolic schedule of the human body is a natural law. So how long do you think the disease will heal? In fact, how to get sick how it will go back, those slowly formed diseases, generally take time to disappear. Now NoniGingo enzyme agar can use its own "Xeroxone" to provide you with the ability to improve their self-healing conditions. How to make the disease cure sooner, then see how you set yourself. For example, if someone accumulated 15 years of acidosis and formed a disease, then you expect to eliminate these toxins within three to five years? Desire to make the disease cured the more time, the human body must be a large number of detoxification, to make the body a large number of detoxification, nutrients required by the body must also be added. However, a large number of human detoxification, will certainly be more painful, which is also one of the phenomenon of improvement response. When the body of toxins gradually ruled out, the disease will also be cured.
    Because NoniGingo enzyme agar is using Turner's "Xeronine" to promote the regeneration of human cells and help the body to improve itself and enhance self-healing ability. And medication with a short period of time to control the pain is completely different, so the more serious or older to be slowly improved, the younger can accelerate the improvement. In addition, the desire for early and healthy human body, usually still have to drink plenty of water, eat more vegetables, eat more nutritious foods, eat less fat, unsolicited fried, junk food. And the most important part is that after drinking NoniGingo Enzyme Agar, you must understand in order to help yourself or your family get a healthy, disease-free beauty.
   Note: In a word, the cure is like water treatment, only inhibition and counseling two methods, Chinese medicine emphasizes: the pain is unreasonable, the general rule is not painful. The so-called suppression, will certainly make the body of various detoxification pipeline barrier, which led to more pain, but modern people have long been accustomed to this treatment, and very much agree with the affirmation that only this can make people not hurt immediately Way is cure, so that the use of drug suppression throughout life, in fact, want to get healthy, the most important thing is to rely on the body's "natural healing ability" to divert the body's operation, want to restore (or improve) the body's natural healing power, I suggest everyone Drink NoniGingo Enzyme Agar.
   It must be noted that NoniGingo enzymes, which are water-added or fruit juice-added NoniGingo enzyme itself, have been metabolized and have limited function to improve the health of the body. If NoniGingo enzyme can not accept the taste of NoniGingo itself, When NoniGingo enzyme into the cup pure NoniGingo, in your favorite juice drink. NoniGingo pure Noni NoniGingo enzymes can be stored at room temperature for more than 5 years is not bad, and the more taste more alcohol; Conversely, noniGingo Enriched NoniGingo enzyme juice is easy to decay after opening the bottle, which is to distinguish The simplest way of pure and impure.
  Second, what is better response? Reversal of the reaction is the most crucial part of the human body to move toward healthy disease-free process, when the body wants to extract toxins or diseases from the body, it will inevitably experience some pain, and the body of toxins or diseases have been ruled out, it will become Sick one. Otherwise, whenever pain occurs immediately to stop pain or temporary control, in order to seek temporary comfort, first Gan bitter, it is not desirable. If you want to "make the first bitter and sweet" to cure the disease completely, you will only get through the various kinds of improvement reactions so that you can heal it. That is why you will not smell the plum blossoms without some bitterness.
   NoniGingo NoniGingo contains "magic" elements such as "Tenely, Xeronine, Scuolarine, Proteins, Terpenes," which are good for self-healing and self- Will feel more or more mental or physical strength, which is the gradual reduction of toxins in the body to promote cell regeneration Therefore, when the natural healing power of the human body also will be enhanced, and gradually improve their constitution, then the "improvement reaction" will be demonstrated .
   What is the improvement reaction? Simply put, the natural phenomenon of the disease has begun to improve, the Chinese medicine theory that "dizzy reaction." For example, when a person is wounded, the old wound previously lurked in the body after taking an herbal medicine will also be aching and painful, which is one of the phenomena of the improvement reaction. The old wound will be triggered out, which means that it was not cured at that time. Instead, it was suppressed. This suppressed internal injury gradually became toxin due to the blood stasis of the wound and eventually became a disease or terminal illness .
   Therefore, when taking NoniGingo enzyme, non-Gingo enzymes should not be panic until the old wounds or old ones are triggered. Until the newly injured wounds are completely painless, it means that the internal injuries have been healed. Therefore, the saying goes: "The revolver is easy to hide and can not be stolen." When latent diseases in the body are exposed, they can not be hidden and therefore can easily be healed. Therefore, "improvement and response" Also good, do not be afraid. In the present society, some drugs are based on "inhibition" as a treatment. NoniGingo enzyme, a noniGingo enzyme, extracts the toxins and diseases of the human body. Now, no matter which method is right or wrong, let's think calmly Over the past few hundred years, there have been more and more hospitals and more and more patients. This seems to indicate that the suppression method can not make people recover. Since the patient can not be cured, the only way is to do the opposite. That is, the disease or toxins completely extracted from the human body. The human body itself is the best repair shop. When the body's "Cytlulorine" is increased and its self-healing ability is enhanced, it will also consider where it should start. For example, if it thinks it needs improvement from the liver, it will start from the liver , When the human body to improve the liver, it will feel very tired, even when walking are sleepy, this situation occurs, it means that before did not sleep well or often stay up all night, immediately back to the lack of sleep in the past. When the liver function has been slightly improved, it will select an organ or tissue to improve, so in turn the tour improvement, so that all organs and tissues of the human body until completely normal so far.
    1. A large number of detoxification Western medicine practitioner Chi Pa Ke Laodian earlier emphasized: the human body fluids, blood must be reconciled to disease-free disease, sputum, cough, sweat, urine, stool, drainage, discharge of these secretions, The body can be reconciled, when the blood reconcile restore, the disease can be cured, the symptoms of these self-conscious phenomenon is to promote the road toward harmony, must not be discharged because of these excrements, very painful and cross-cutting, or will Never reconcile, so that the disease linger. After taking NoniGingo enzyme, non-Gingo enzyme accumulated in human body will be eliminated within a short period of time, so a lot of detoxification phenomenon will occur soon, such as cough, cough throat, chest pain, just cough without sputum People said that lymphatic function is low, that is, lower immunity; the body will lead to cough during the improvement process, said the lungs must have many toxins to be cleared. Although the beginning of cough can not sputum, but gradually there will be phlegm, the lungs toxins, contaminants must be removed after the cough naturally stop, and some people in the process of improvement cough for 1 to 2 weeks , The beginning of the sputum with brown small blood clots, and gradually transformed into a bloodshot, gradually turned into a light sputum, and gradually less and less sputum, and some people will be about 1 month before and after cough, Initially cough can not sputum come gradually with sputum, and sputum with bloodshot eyes, when the body's antibodies increased self-improvement after the phenomenon of self-improvement, no one can stop, in this case, sometimes injections, medication is gone To be controlled, in fact, only these toxins discharged from the body, to ensure your health! NoniGingo NoniGingo enzyme after taking a large number of detoxification phenomenon: acne outbreak than the original serious, and one acne three or five times the big; but 7 days to 2 weeks will gradually subsided. Obese people have diarrhea, which is the best way to rule out intrauterine toxins or fat, usually two to three days after the general diarrhea, the body felt tired, but NoniGingo noniGingo enzyme drink, a day even Pull several times, and sometimes even for a week, but more and more spirit, which is less toxin in the body more favorable cell survival reasons.
    The phenomenon of a large number of cell regeneration Disease is the phenomenon of a large number of cell death. When Noni fruit in the "Xeronine original" to repair the body when the body toxins will be gradually ruled out, the cells have a good living environment, and they have the nutrients needed, the cells will inevitably a large number of regeneration, cell regeneration After that, as if the substance is swollen, it will crush the nerves of the human body. At this moment, people will feel soreness, pumping, pain or various uncomfortable phenomena. This is also the normal reaction before the disease improves. Some people are afraid of a turnaround, in fact, cancer patients are not always so painful before death? And must be painful to death! However, the pain of improvement and response can make people rebirth, but most people are afraid of this improvement reaction, and will be halfway, the pain of improvement reaction as "personal drinking, cold and warm self-knowledge," each person's reaction is not necessarily the same, Some people can not stand the slightest bitter pain, while others respond so loudly that they feel very uncomfortable, but they are very happy because he knows that the only way to get healthier is to do so.
    3. The phenomenon of nerve recovery perception When the large number of cell death, usually most people will injections, medicine to anesthetize nerves, the brain can not be traced and I do not know the pain, that the disease has been cured, in fact, the disease still exists, but the human nerve can not transmit disease Message to the brain, in which case not only the disease has not disappeared, but it will continue to deteriorate. This is like the manager of the building. When he finds the fire alarm bell rings and the red light is on, he does not hurry for help. , But the power of the alarm cut off, so that the original small fire easily extinguished evolved into a disaster can not be cleaned up. So many people because of the role of analgesics, have not had stomach pain for several years, that the disease has been cured, but when he quickly and stomachache shout, think stomach again, in fact, this is because the analgesic The toxins are neutralized, causing the body's nerves to regain consciousness. The body's pain is exposed again. This is usually the fastest gastrointestinal reaction. Some people drink about three or five days after they drink NoniGingo enzyme occur.
    4. The Natural Phenomenon of Yin and Yang Dynasties The entire universe and the human small universe are composed of yin and yang, and the universe can be maintained under the condition of the growth and decline of yin and yang and the endless unbalance. Among the growth and decline of the yin and yang, if the yin and yang disappear, there is often no obvious sign. When the dawn is approaching, the temperature of the earth will drop precipitously. As the yin and yang diminish, the yin and yang will have to struggle. The same is true of our body in the yin and yang, the disease or bacteria are often unknowingly enter the body, when you want to force the disease out of the human body will inevitably have some fighting, leaving the body produce pain or uncomfortable feeling . Improvement reaction is the human body wants to get rid of the disease must pass the process, no one can not avoid, which is gain and loss, such as the use of inhibition, the human body does not feel pain, but the disease will never heal. Reversal of the reaction will make the body produce pain, but in the future can live a healthy and happy life.
   Third, the response to the handling of improvement: In order to allow you to better understand the improvement response, especially some of the more likely to cause tension, fear of the phenomenon to provide you with reference, and will deal with and ease the way a little mention:
    1. High fever High fever is one of the natural phenomena that the human body needs to take toward reconciliation and is also the highest manifestation of the self-improvement of the human body. High fever is the body's desire to rule out the best method of bone toxins, which is a golden opportunity for a lifetime. Improvement reaction fever and fever are usually different from the general high fever, especially better physical children, still bounce, as usual to go to school, feel uncomfortable at all, but the physical health of the more virtual or older, and sometimes there will be less comfortable Feeling, however, will be better than some of the previous high fever. I hope you will not be worried or scared when you meet a child with a high fever afterwards.
    2. Vomiting and diarrhea When the flossinine increased to a certain extent, the body will naturally choose one it considers the best pipeline to exclude some of the toxins in the body, when the stomach is toxic it will choose to vomit or Diarrhea way to detoxification, sometimes vomiting, diarrhea together. Someone with a fat body or a fat person may have diarrhea in the process of being sick, sometimes eight or nine times a day, or even for a week. Some people end up in a few days a day or two. People with normal diarrhea, as long as two or three times a day, feel totally unwell. However, the response to diarrhea has become more and more intense, until the human body that the toxins have been discharged almost stopped.
    3. Cough more than cough, sputum and so are the best way to rule out lung acidosis, dirt. Alveolar human body has a film like the car's air filter, use a period of time will be a lot of dust or dirt card, leaving the horsepower of the car, the car to the maintenance plant, repair technicians will filter Remove the cleaner, and then use the air gun to filter dirt, dust blown, or when the entire filter card is full, the car would not run. The alveoli of the human body is an important place for the body to exchange gas. When the alveolar film is full of dust or dirt, the human body also becomes sick due to insufficient oxygen. The effect of cough is to vibrate the lungs and make the card stuck to the alveolar film Of the dirt, the dirt will be combined with the human body fluid into sputum, and then by the bronchial wall of cilia cells up and down peristalsis and sent to the throat after discharge. Lung of these toxins, dirt does not rule out when the pulmonary function will certainly be low, can not be cough and phlegm detoxification, it must have the skin to regulate the body to complete the detoxification work, so that your early health.
    4. Detoxification of the skin In the process of improvement, when the body thinks that certain toxins must be removed from the skin, the skin may experience detoxification of sores, ringworms, decay or pus. The original skin disease will be more detoxification than before, leaving the skin a little more serious, which belong to the human body from the skin a large number of natural detoxification, when the body of toxins, these phenomena will disappear. Because the human body grows from children

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