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DieSha NoniGingo brand was born

2017.10.27 17:45:36

Two thousand years ago, the ancestors of the Polynesians left Southeast Asia in search of a new maritime environment. In addition to their families, these explorers carry the sacred plants of life - coconuts, pandanus, taro, and precious noni fruit. Among them, noni fruit has the title of "health recipes". These explorers finally planted these "canoe plants" in the volcanic Tahiti Islands. "Because of the rich soil, fresh air, noni fruit in the lush growth in the field. Ayurvedic, the ancient Indian medical book, calls the noni fruit Ashyuka, meaning longevity in Sanskrit. The medical book says that noni fruit can balance the body and maintain a harmonious state of health. Noni has become a pillar of Polynesian civilization and has value in any part, including fruits, fruit leaves, seeds and bark.

1769: Captain James Cook and sailor James Cook discovered the sea wonderland in Tahiti and documented the wide range of uses of noni fruit by local residents.

In 1920, Dr. L. Simonsson analyzed a variety of biochemical components of Noni fruit (during the World War II, the United States also conducted research on Noni fruit and published the research results in the Manual of American Survival).

In 1953, Dr. Ralph Heinicke discovered an alkaloid in bromelain and named it Proxeronine, also known as "drought enzyme."

In 1954, Dr. Ralph Heinicke discovered that there is a lot of Proxeronase stored in the human body. Even more surprisingly, Noni fruit contains more than 800 times more than the pineapple, Noni noni also found between the rich and beneficial ingredients.

In 1955, Dr. Ralph Heinicke of Rove Heinke proposed the theory of human health in the "Xeronine System." This led to the craze of Noni NONI research successively by scientists and physicians around the world, resulting in a great deal of follow-up experiments and achievements. Their research laid the foundation for the entire noni noni industry, thereby improving the lives of millions of people. (First generation juice)

In 1957, Rove Hainik worked for Dole. The president of a major U.S. pharmaceutical company this year said that the discovery of bromelain was one of the most important medical discoveries in nearly 50 years.

     In 1977, for the first time, Dr. Rohf Hainik isolated Purcellin in Japan.

     In 1981, Dr. Robin Hainik won the patent of Xeronen.

     In 1989, a research team led by John Heinerman of John Hellerman completed a census of the best GINGO <GOLD> in the tree species of MORINDA CITRIFOLIA (Santa Rita del Moro) around the world. Fortunately, the discovery of the new alkaloid TAUREGEN, which has a surprisingly good effect on the human body, is 42% more effective for human help than the previously published Xeronine, so GINGO Drinking effect will be more pronounced.

From October 1991 onwards: Dr. John Heinerman, John Hellerman, from the South Pacific Islands - PAPEET, Tahiti, French Polynesia, has started to distribute the ingredients and formulations of Santa Rita di Santa Monica in the world short Short period of years swept the world more than 40 countries and regions. (Second-generation juice type)

     For the first time in 1997, Dr. Rohf Héniquek was able to isolate 50 milligrams of pure Xenon crystals from 25 tons of pineapple stems in the world. This is an epoch-making scientific discovery. Dr. Century 2000 list of the world record.

     1998-2001, Dr. Neil Solomon drunk Norris efficient clinical research survey of 20,000 people.

     In the early 21st century, DieSha International has conducted a large number of tests and observations on Noni NONI of various varieties after several years. It is found that the Noni fruit is native to only 10° latitude 5° north latitude of the equator, and only AAA grade premium GINGO (Golden fruit), and the unique traditional brewing process, in order to make GINGO (gold fruit) to maximize the effect, to produce high-quality GINGO drinks. (Third-generation enzyme type) DieSha NoniGingo brand came into being.

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    Really come from the original,
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    Noni fruit wild original origin
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    100% pure brewing Noni

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    Follow nature back to nature

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