DieSha NoniGingo

The gift of nature


DieSha NoniGingo concentrate

【Origin】 Indonesia
【Specifications】 20ml * 10 bottles / set | 15 boxes of a box
【Ingredients】 selected AAA grade wild Noni gold fruit concentrate
【Product Type】 concentrated type
【Product Standard】 DB31 / 207-2000
【Suggested consumption】2 days a 20ml / a cycle of 6 sets

[DieSha NoniGingo concentrate] is a concentrated product developed exclusively by Butterfly Saw International and adopts the world's leading separation and extraction technology to produce concentrated plant-based active beverages with pure Noni Jin Guo as the main component.
  • Liquid gold

    Really come from the original,
    pure, pollution-free islands
    The world's high-quality luxury
    gold-like drinks

  • Latitude 5° north latitude 10°

    DieSha International Base
    Noni fruit wild original origin
    of the most primitive

  • NoniGingo

    Create the world's first
    100% pure brewing Noni

  • Traditional brewing

    Follow nature back to nature

  • Enjoy privilege

    VIP customers enjoy "Butterfly
    International" distinguished service

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