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DieSha NoniGingo from the gift of nature, the king of fruit

2017.11.07 14:59:33

It is reported that this Noni is a magical effect of making residents of an island not suffering from cancer for 2000 years, a legendary holy fruit that makes local residents worship and bow before eating. It is even regarded as "a substitute for many health products Epoch-making super fruit. " Related research shows that Noni fruit contains a variety of alkaloids, a variety of enzymes, TAUREGEN (Neckaronic), glycosides and other highly valuable medical ingredients. At present, many effects of Noni fruit have been proved one by one. As the only King of the hundred fruit that contains 275 kinds of nutrition, Noni is called "the gift of God." Set all over the world nutrition in one of the Noni, just like the cell's nutrition pool in general, with a variety of essence ingredients.

  According to the research and survey, Noni's annual average annual temperature is 28-35 degrees Celsius. Its ideal growth zone is along the equator between 5 degrees north latitude and 10 degrees south latitude in the South Pacific Islands. Noni fruit of Indonesia is optimal. Noni fruit trees are rich in leafy foliage, fruit flowering throughout the year, huge fruit, plump gravy, no need to fertilize the planting, and causal height of 10 meters or more often can not use pesticides, is the standard organic green plant, here is the butterfly One of the sources of raw materials for the NoniGingo series of products from Shasha International brewery. Noni also because of its natural, green, safe and no side effects and the characteristics of medicine homologous, and has been widely praised the vast number of consumers.
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    of the most primitive

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